Our method

Our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful, social puppies with enough motivation that are perfect for a family and are able to perform in the different disciplines of the dog sport.

To achieve this, we carefully select our stud dog and pay attention to his appearance, motivation, character and the social factor. It also is important that the bitch and the stud dog meets the breed standards, are tested and free of all test imposed by KKUSH for pedigree category 1.

Our puppies are born in our living room so they’ll get used to daily sounds from day one. The education of the puppies in the litter is very crucial for their further developing. The bitch will mostly take this responsibility but it’s still very important that the puppies are well prepared for the moment that they’ll leave the litter. That’s when we come in! The puppies will be held by one of us every day after their birth to let them get used to the smell of people. This way, the puppies will look at people as one of their own. After a day or 10, when the eyes and ears have opened and the puppies can see and hear, the other members of our family will hold the puppies and play with them on a regular basis. Of course, we make sure that the puppies get enough time to rest, drink and grow. When the puppies reach the age of 3 weeks, the future owners may visit us on a regular basis. Now the puppies can get used to different odours. Around the age of 3 weeks the puppies will start to walk and they can leave the breeding box. The surrounding area gives them more freedom. Here, they can play with toys of different shapes, with and without sound so they get used to different objects and sounds. We make sure that the toys are safe to play with and that the puppies can learn from the toys. In this stage, they can also visit other places of our home so they can get used to a different environment and practice to listen to our commands. Whenever the weather allows it, the puppies can also play in our garden so they’ll get used to the noise of cars, motors, playing children, etc.
The future owners can choose the puppy of their dreams when they reach the age of 6 weeks. We always keep 1st choice from our litter unless otherwise agreed.
From 6 weeks, when the puppies have had their titre determination (or first vaccinations,) they will begin socialisation and are taken regularly to the dog club, allowed to get used to going in the car, walking along a road where cars and bicycles pass,….

If the puppies have received their chip for identification and when they reach the age of 7 weeks they may be brought home with their new owner.
The pups will be titreted (or vaccinated) and dewormed, have a chip and a European passport.

If you live outside Belgium and can only move your puppy from the 15th week onwards because of the import requirements of your country (rabies vaccination) then we only charge the titre provisions (or immunizations if necessary) and extra rabies vaccination that the puppy gets. The puppy will be further socialised during this period and take part in puppy lessons from 12 weeks.

After the puppies get their chip of identification and when they reach the age of 8 weeks, they can move to their new home. They will be titter or vaccinated, wormed and have a European passport.

We ask the future owners to come and pick up their puppy in the morning so he/she has the whole day to get used to his new home. Now it’s the new owner’s job to make sure the puppy will be a well-educated, happy and healthy border collie.

However, the new owner doesn’t have to do this alone. If there are any questions or if the new owner needs help, we will always be available. After about 6 months, when we get the pedigrees, we would like to bring it to you in person (if possible due to distance). We love to see our puppies again and listen to your stories about your time together.

Are you interested in one of our puppies? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would like to hear why you want a puppy. Why a Border collie? What does your family look like? Do you have children and what are their ages? How do you live? What do you expect from the puppy? Is it only to have companionship or do you want to practice a dog sport? How do you see the future with a Border collie? More information is always welcome!

To be expected

3 bitches & 2 dogs born 16/10/2019



Born 16/10/2019

Previous litters

23 september 2016

Mara the Happy workers & Kor of Maranns home

5 bitches ~ 2 dogs


–  Mara the Happy workers
–  Date of birth: 26 june 2013
–  Color: black / white
–  Mother: Sparkling Dutch border Ytske
–  Father: Crezip of the Breedingbrain (Saigo)
–  DNA descend tested
–  HD ~ B
–  CEA ~ DNA normal / tested
–  TNS ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  NCL ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  MDR1 ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  IGD ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  MH ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  PPM ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  Glaucoom ~ Clear DNA normal / tested
–  Ecvo and Gonioscopie Normal / Not affected
–  Cataract ~ Clear tested november 2015
–  PRA ~ Clear tested november 2015
–  Inbreeding 4%
– Certificate admission LOSH-breeding achieved in 2016
–  Mara is active in obedience competition prog. 2


Kor of Maranns home
Date of birth:  3 august 2011
Father: Marquee’s Universal Wonder
Mother: Arnpriors Solo Run
Color: Black/ White
DNA descend tested
CEA: Clear
TNS: Clear
NCL: Clear