Perla Del Mio Cuore

border collies

Perla Del Mio Cuore

border collies

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

Josh Billings

About us

What started in 2005 as the first dog in our family, who I took to a dog school because she had to learn to “listen”, has now grown into an active and passionate participation in obedience competitions.
In my opinion, the Border Collie is a very suitable breed for this passion because of its gentle, friendly character, curiosity and inexhaustible workmanship.
The Border Collie will always have a special place in my heart.

 Perla del mio cuore ~ Pearl of my heart

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A pedigree is an official document of the KKUSH with information about the parents of the puppy. This is important to know because a lot of the characteristics of your dog are given from the parents. A Border collie with a pedigree and a Border collie without pedigree can look the same. Pedigree dogs have advantages that dogs without a pedigree don’t have, and there are also some things to keep in mind. Pedigree dogs are often bred with parents selected for certain properties, so you know beforehand what characteristics you might expect, such as job satisfaction, appearance, etc. Breeders take care of the health, character and appearance of the parent animals. Certain health surveys are mandatory and breeders must comply with a number of rules to protect the welfare of the maternal dog. You also know that your dog’s breeder has a passion for his / her dogs, the puppy grows almost certainly in a home environment, where you can always see the mother of the pup. Keep in mind, however, that a breeded dog with pedigree is often more expensive than a dog without pedigree, the cost for all health studies, the welfare of the maternal dog, accompaniment during and after birth, socialization of the puppy, vaccinations, deworming, animal passport with accompanying chip are all included in the price. Usually there is a waiting time for a puppy with a pedigree, and the breeder often asks critical questions before handing over a puppy to you.


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